The Local Environment Field Study Excursion Sydney
Science Stage 4 Field Study Excursion
Year 11 Earth and Environment
Earth's Resources and Human Impact



Bantry Bay, Frenchs Forest
Camp Coutts, Heathcote
Camp Kedron, Ingleside
Excursion Synopsis
Students will discuss the formation of the Earth's geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, with support from fossil evidence of Stromatolites and Banded Iron Formations.

Students investigate the local geology of the Sydney region and examine the local sandstone rock using hand lenses and microscopes, to observe the particle sizes and shapes and determine the conditions of deposition. 

Human environmental impact on waterways will be investigated at two creeks in the area by identifying weeds, pH & phosphate tests and catching water animal indicator species. Creek management strategies will be discussed in relation to creek quality testing results. At Bantry Bay, the impact of an installed Gross Pollutant Trap in Forestville will be assessed as a management strategy to combat water pollution.

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