Field Study School Excursions - Sydney - Primary - Science - Stage 2
Science Stage 4 Field Study ExcursionStage 2
Living World Excursions


Bradley's Head, Mosman
Excursion synopsis  
During this excursion we investigate both the living and non living aspects of the rock platform and bushland environments at Bradleys Head. We consider how some physical aspects of the environment such as temperature and salinity effect the survival of various species. We also consider the resources needed to survive by various organisms. 
The excursion also includes an exciting investigation by torch light of the tunnels in the historic battery built by convicts in the 19th century.
Narrabeen Rock Platform, North Narrabeen
Long Reef Rock Platform, Collaroy
Excursion synopsis
During the rock platform excursion we investigate the living and non-living aspects of the coastal landscape. This includes structural properties of plants, algae and an animal we will catch on the day. We also consider producers and consumers as well as the predator and prey relationships. We use these findings to draw a food web. 

Mt Keira, Wollongong
Excursion synopsis
This excursion is focused around the living and non living aspects of the rainforest ecosystem. This includes measuring or classifying the soil, water and light in the rainforest and considering why living things need these to survive. We will catch minibeasts and consider how their structural adaptations enable them to survive in the rainforest. 
Camp Kedron, Ingleside
Excursion synopsis
Between a creek based larval animal catch and a bushland bug catch, we are able to see the  full life cycle of an insect at our bushland site, Camp Kedron. We also consider the non-living aspects of the two environments to consider how the insect survives at these various stages of life in the different environments.
Through close observation we record various physical attributes of the animals found. These help us to consider what defines this organism as living as well as allowing us to classify the species.

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