Field Study School Excursions - Sydney - Primary - Stage 1, 2, 3
Primary School Excursions

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We run a variety of hands on, fun packed, adventurous excursions for Primary Students. Please click on the appropriate stage to the right to explore the specific excursions.  

Teacher's Pack
An excursion pack containing a master copy of the excursion worksheets, details of the days' activities and requirements will be sent out prior to the excursion. Assessment tasks are also available for most excursions and will be sent out after the excursion. 

After the Excursion
A package will be posted to the teacher following the excursion (usually that afternoon!) Included will be a DVD with:
     • Extra information on animals or relevant article
     • Photos taken of students doing field work from the excursion.
     • A selection of printed photos from the days activities! 

We are able to design new excursions if you have a particular topic in mind, and have alternate locations for some existing excursions. If you are interested in discussing these options further please don’t hesitate to contact us.