Field Study School Excursions - Sydney - Biology - Year 11 - Program
Science Stage 4 Field Study Excursion
Year 11 Biology
Biological Diversity and Organisation of Living Things

Programs can be used as stimulus or as practical investigation for the new Depth Study component, and will contribute to 5 of the 15 required hours for a Depth Study.

Camp Kedron, Ingleside 

Excursion Synopsis
Students will discuss evolution as the driving force for biodiversity, with focus on fossil evidence and observation of Stromatolite fossils.

The effect of the environment on tree species will be studied by comparing physical and chemical conditions along a transect line, whilst also identifying species diversity along the transect.

The adaptations of two plants and two animals to the local environment will be studied in detail by looking at the organisation of microscopic and macroscopic structures in the organism.

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