Field Study School Excursions - Sydney - Geography - Science - Details
Start time
10:00 am for Primary

9:30 am for Years 7-10 

9:00 am for Years 11-12
Finish time
2:00/2:30 pm
All sites are accessibly by bus. It is up to your school to organise buses privately. 
Students and staff bring all their own food. At some sites there will be access to a cafe, however students should not rely on this. 

There also may not be bins at some sites, so we ask that students bring their own bin bag, or even better - package free food! 
All sites have taps. Students bring their own water bottle. 
Sports uniforms are ideal as well as a warm jumper and wet weather gear. 
Everyone will need a hat and sunscreen on all excursions. 

If you are going on a rock platform or wetland excursion a pair of shoes to get wet are a must as well as a change of shorts, underwear and a towel. A plastic bag to carry wet clothing is a good idea too. 
Excursion sites differ greatly in regards to the length and steepness of the walk.
With notice we try to plan so that all students are accommodated for and included in the activities.  
Students will need to carry all their belongings all day.
Worksheets for the day will be emailed out prior to the excursion for the school to photocopy for the day.
Calculators, pen and pencil should be carried by all students. 
Wet weather 
The cancellation of an excursion is up to the school. AUSECO staff are happy to go out in all weather to undertake a modified excursion with students in wet weather clothes. 
Some excursions have a hall for shelter.

Please contact Connie in the office if you are concerned about the weather and would like to modify or postpone an excursion.
All excursion sites have accessible toilets. 
AUSECO allocates one staff member to 30 students. We can arrange to have smaller class sizes at the schools expense. Please contact Connie in the office to discuss this.

On rock platform and wetland excursions, as we are operating in a Marine Reserve, Fisheries regulations requires a ratio of 1 adult to supervise 10 students. These adults will include the AUSECO staff. However the school will need to make up the difference with teachers and volunteer parents, support staff, student teachers, teachers in other faculties, other alumni, etc.‚ÄčIf for example you book 150 students for a rock platform excursion, AUSECO will bring out 5 staff, so you school will need to bring 10 adults.  
First Aid
All AUSECO staff are Senior First Aid qualified and carry a basic first aid kit. They do not carry epipens.