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An ecology and conservation biology expert, frog nerd, and puppy enthusiast, Amalina's rigorous academic record is brought into the field with unwavering enthusiasm, ambition and passion. Her experience in laboratories has been brought into the running of the business, as she plays a key role in writing programs and educating staff and students alike.

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Connie is the backbone of Auseco, weaving her magic from the office desk. From being the first point of contact for schools, to keeping Don in check, Connie is an essential cog, ensuring staff and equipment turn up at the right site, for the right excursion, every time. 

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Don founded Auseco 26 years ago, combining his passions for teaching and the environment. Don’s experience as well as his encyclopaedia-like knowledge base provide a unique experience for anyone lucky enough to be in his field group. He strives to make each day memorable, loving nothing better than to go all “Steve Irwinesque” and catch rare, dangerous and beautiful animals for students to see. We rate him alongside the likes of Steve Parish with his wildlife photography, ensuring that schools always receive some excellent prints to remember the day. Known for eating raw capsicums on morning tea, Don is one of the main reason Auseco has such a good reputation for outdoor education. 

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Jacky's undergraduate degrees in Science and Education, previous experience as a teacher, and over 10 years of experience with Auseco, makes Jacky one of the most dedicated staff on the Auseco roster. Jacky's passion and commitment to her work is obvious at every excursion, as her extensive background knowledge shines through.

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Jay is one of the most enthusiastic staff on the Auseco roster, bringing her joy and passion to every excursion she runs. Jay is currently completing a double degree at Macquarie University, her chosen majors are Environmental Management and Development Studies and Culture Change. As well as being well informed on biology and coastal management curriculum, Jay shines on the city excursions, bringing an in-depth knowledge around the issues of urban decay, urban renewal and gentrification.

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Jessie’s hard work and dedication have made her one of the most respected Auseco staff members. This is combined with a huge breadth of knowledge stemming from her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and postgraduate studies that looked at the “Breeding Biology and Reproductive Systems of the Australian Pelican”. Jessie has over 8 years’ involvement working with kids of all ages, and is currently finishing her high school teaching qualifications, with aims to be a science and geography teacher. All this experience and knowledge is on show with every excursion Jessie runs.

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Despite raising 3 boys, Karen has an unwaveringly calm nature. Combine that with over 10 years’ experience teaching science, she is ideal for leading the excursions, taking on groups with the finesse of an expert.

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Kate is one of the most experienced Auseco staff, and has grown into a leader during her time with the company over the last 4 years. Her passion and skills have reflected on many of the current staff members who were initially trained by her. Kate always has a smile, bringing energy to every class with her unique sense of humour. Her knowledge of coastal processes and marine biology is unparalleled and backed up by her experience working with the coastal management centre on the Central Coast.

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Engaged in Plastic Free Manly and currently undertaking her Masters in Environmental Science looking at habitat suitability for the threatened Long-footed potoroo, respect for the environment in engrained in Mareshell. Mareshell's calm and laid back manner means she has any situation thrown at her under control.

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Matt, or "Ed Sheeran" as he is better known to the students, is never intimidated by the name, living up to it with his eternally entertaining days. However the man does not end there, able to back his reputation up with his extensively, broad knowledge gained through undertaking his masters and undergraduate degree in environmental management while keeping up with international touring.  

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Stella brings a wealth of knowledge, with a degree in Resource Management as well as past experience with bush regeneration, The Wilderness Society and work with Manly Council. She shows her passion for working with kids on every excursion, with a light sense of humour always making days with Auseco fun for students and teachers.

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As a keen surfer Tom’s forte lies in the coastal management excursions. On these beach excursions he is often in the surf breaks at sunrise, just “checking conditions” for the day’s excursion. With a degree in Environmental Science, Tom also excels during biology excursions, bringing experience from nearly 3 years of bush regeneration in all the National Park sites. His laid back personality and ability to build rapport with a class ensures that the day is not just educational but always enjoyable.